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  • KB79695304: ArtiosCAD - Output to table doesn't work on Windows 7
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Output does not work on a Windows 7 PC, as the ArtiosIO service is not supported on Windows 7. This information is not applicable to Kongsberg tables. It applies only to outputs for machines that use a direct connection to the serial port for communication, say for example Datatech. 


  • Sending file to a table output fails.
  • ArtiosIO is greyed out / cannot be started up.


As the ArtiosIO service is not supported anymore on Windows 7 (check via Control Panel > ArtiosIO), it will be greyed out. You can set up a local Windows printer on the system to which the device is connected:

Add a Local Windows Printer to this system

  1. Choose a “dumb” Text Printer.
  2. The Windows printer simply allows data to be sent via the Windows Print spool mechanism from any system on the network to the ‘printer’ port. It does no other processing or formatting.

The example below shows a printer (we will call My Samplemaker) being added.

  1. Choose the Generic Text printer (Printers/Text only).
  2. Give it a name (for example, My Samplemaker).
  3. Most often you will wish to send data to this device from any ArtiosCAD workstation connected to the network. Therefore SHARE this printer.
  4. If this is the ONLY system using ArtiosCAD, and the device is connected to this system, it is not necessary to share it.
  5. Set up the correct Port properties. The settings must match the settings used on the device (check this via ArtiosCAD > Defaults > Outputs > Output destination).

  6. If there are any other ArtiosCAD workstations on the network which need to send data to this device, then add this Network Printer (via Control Panel).

    In ArtiosCAD:
    1. Go to Shared Defaults > Outputs and then open the properties.
    2. Go to the Device tab and in the CAM Device Name: box, select the Windows printer.
    3. The Out to File check-box must be unchecked.
    4. Save the changes in the defaults and close them.

Test a file by sending it to the concerned output, it should work fine. If you have more outputs to configure, follow the same steps to link the Windows printer.

The IOServer (ArtiosIO) is supported on Windows 7 and higher since ArtiosCAD 14.0.1. This means older DataTech plotters still using the IPC controller with an RS232 connection or any RS232 device will be supported.

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