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Error 3042 - Tool 1 Rotation. Zero Switch not detected. Check fuse.
Error 3044 - Tool 1 Rotation. Zero Switch permanent on. Check fuse.

The system is not detecting tool rotation in position 1 (Left Hand Side).

Machine Specific Checks

Check pins on connector board (back of tool), inspect for damaged/bent pins:

Check cables & connectors from the tool to tool board:

Check head rotation fuse (Fhr), replace if necessary:

FHR - Fuse Head Rotation

Remove the tool's plastic cover.

Remove the nano fuse (FHR) and check with ohm-meter, replace if blown.

Replace the cover and re-mount the tool.


Check condition of the drive belt:

Ensure that the belt is not damaged and can be rotated easily by hand.

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Kongsberg XP

Kongsberg XPA

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