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How to automatically create a runlist to combine several PDF files into a single PDF, using the "Create PDF file from RunList" task without knowing the PDF names in advance?


  • Set up a workflow and runlists as in the example given below. You can use the RunListEditor to create the runlists.

    With the example workflow, the order in which the PDFs are combined, is random.

  • Select the pages which you want to combine in Automation Engine Pilot and launch them together into the workflow.

  1. Copy all the files to a temporary folder where you name the files via this SmartName: placeholder_[Auto-Number1].
  2. "Data collector" makes sure all the files are copied before proceeding.
  3. Route on number of files.
  4. Pick up a placeholder runlist with the same amount of placeholder entries as the amount of files you submitted to the workflow.
  5. Create PDF from RunList.
  6. Make sure that your runlists are built up similar to the screenshots given below. Add placeholders if you need to combine more PDFs into a single PDF.

You need to put placeholder runlists in the folder referenced in the Select File tasks and make sure the placeholder file names in the runlists match the names of your output from step 1. Also make sure in step 5 to reference the output files from step 1.

The folder in which step 1 writes output, must be empty before launching files to this workflow.

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Applies to

Automation Engine 12.1.1

Automation Engine 12.1.0

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CW Number201615