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After installing/upgrading any or all of the Esko Illustrator plugins (DeskPack 12.1.2 - Studio 12.1.2 - Dynamic Content 12.1.2) to version 12.1.2 (internally referenced as Suite 12 Assembly 5), Adobe® Illustrator® seems to hang on start-up.


It seems to take about five or more minutes to open Adobe® Illustrator® when you've installed any or all of the Esko DeskPack - Studio - Dynamic Content 12.1.2 plugins.


We have implemented a fix for all slow start-up issues in Adobe® Illustrator® in the new DeskPack 12.1.3 (Suite 12 Assembly 6) release.
Please download and install the new version 12.1.3 for DeskPack, Studio, Dynamic Content from

This new 12.1.3 version does not require any license update in case you already have 12.1 licenses.

Previous Workaround (in version 12.1.2) - obsolete in case you've upgraded to version 12.1.3

On Mac systems where DeskPack - Studio - Dynamic Content 12.1.2 plugins (with or without Hotfix 1205001 for Shuttle) are installed AND Adobe® Illustrator® is starting up very slow, please perform the following manual patch:

Download and unzip ‘DP 1212’ from the link here:
On the Mac, the icons will look more appropriate if you inspect the contents of the four folders.

Within each of the three ‘ContentsToMac …’ folders, you can find the target folder ‘Licensing’ per Adobe® Illustrator® version. 

It is this 'Licensing' folder you need to copy to the respective Adobe® Illustrator® version destination in step 4:

  1. Delete the LicensingSetup.plugin from Esko folder inside the AICC/AICS6/AICS5 applications folder.
  2. Copy the new LicensingSetup.plugin file (from the extracted zip archive, only one since this is version independent) to the Esko folder inside the AICC/AICS6/AICS5 applications folder.
  3. Delete the Licensing folder from AICC/AICS6/AICS5 Plugins/Esko/Essentials/ folder.
  4. Copy the appropriate Licensing folder in the AICC/AICS6/AICS5 Plugins/Esko/Essentials/ folder (per correct ‘ContentsToMac …’ version from the zip archive).

 This should resolve the "slow start-up" issue on Mac.

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DeskPack 12.1.2

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