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  • KB83178797: DeskPack - After upgrading to version 12.1.2 (Suite 12 Assembly 5) Adobe® Illustrator® seems to intermittently hang or react slow
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After installing/ upgrading the DeskPack plugins for Adobe® Illustrator® to version 12.1.2 (Suite 12 Assembly 5), Adobe® Illustrator® seems to be hanging or behaving slow after start-up, so during an active Adobe® Illustrator® session.

This is not the "Slow start-up of Adobe® Illustrator®" issue described in:


After starting up Adobe® Illustrator®, it behaves slowly or hangs intermittently.


We have implemented a fix for all "slow behavior" issues in Adobe® Illustrator® in the new 12.1.3 (Suite 12 Assembly 6) release!
Please download and install DeskPack-Studio-Dynamic Content version 12.1.3 from

This new 12.1.3 version does not require any license update in case you already have 12.1 licenses.

Previous Workaround - Obsolete in case you've upgraded to version 12.1.3

For the time being, please check if the following workaround resolves the issue:

  1. Exit Adobe® Illustrator®.
  2. Delete the Dynamic Marks Core folder from the Adobe® Illustrator® CS5/ CS6/ CC plugins/Esko/Data Exchange folder.

Special note

You can only do this in case you do not need Dynamic Panels, Dynamic Marks and/ or PowerLayout Standalone!

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DeskPack 12.1.2

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