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When a user tries to delete a document in a folder, where he does have delete permissions, he may still receive an error message related to permissions. In this case, the user does not have Change BOM permissions, which means he is not allowed to remove the document from the project's Bill of Materials.


When you try to delete a document from a project, you receive an error message which states you are denied permission. However, you do have Delete permission on the folder.

The error message states:

"An unknown error occurred. Try your action again, if the problem persists contact your administrator. Permission Denied".


Follow these steps to correct this problem:

  1. Verify whether your document is in fact part of the project's Bill of Materials (BOM). A document that has been added to the project's BOM, has a green BOM icon next to it's name.
  2. In case your document is part of the BOM, ask your project manager to grant you the Change Bom permission, so you can add and remove documents from the BOM.
  3. If the document is not part of the BOM, or step 2 does not solve the problem, check with your project manager whether you have Delete permissions on this particular folder (the settings may differ per folder).

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