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3105 - Too Big Difference in X1 and X2 Current.

With this error you may see the traverse beam move slightly when the safety beam is broken or the servo voltage is switched off using the Servo On/Off button on the operator panel. This is a result of the traverse beam not being square to the table.

Global Checks

  1. Very carefully pull the traverse beam towards the home bump stops at the front of the machine. When moving the beam manually by hand please ensure you pull the traverse beam from the center and not from one side as this will skew the traverse beam.
  2. Once the beam is at the home bump stops, press the Table Zero button to home the traverse beam.
  3. If the error still persists after the above procedure, please contact your Esko office.

Machine Specific Checks

There are no machine specific checks.

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Applies toKongsberg XE

Kongsberg XP

Kongsberg C

Kongsberg XPA

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