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Why does the FlexRip output at a different ruling than the one asked in the FlexRip's settings? The Automation Engine Viewer also indicates that the file was ripped with a ruling of 128lpi.

FlexRip's log file shows, for example: lpi 128 (asked 133).


By default, FlexRip uses a set of pre-calculated screen tiles to screen jobs. The exact rulings available vary with the selected resolution and are not listed in the GUI. So in the GUI, you can ask for any ruling and the FlexRip will jump to the nearest ruling available for that dotshape at that resolution. As a consequence, in the log file, we do give feedback about the asked and the used ruling.

Customers having a license for "DynaCell Screening" can select that option in the GUI. In that case the FlexRip dynamically creates a new screen tile that very closely matches the ruling and angle asked. However, the quality can be slightly less than in the standard case (as those pre-calculated screens have been generated using a better but slower algorithm).

NexusRIP users also use pre-calculated screens, but there the GUI always lists only the available rulings, so any ruling you can select will always exactly match what is in the output. This was a different design decision and might lead to questions such as the one above.

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