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By default, we see the options to select the line type as cut or crease, in addition to this, we can add the preexisting or customized line type to the Current Line Type drop-down list.


We can add additional line types by clicking the Others… option in the Current Line Type drop-down list, but this is a temporary solution. After restarting, the application will revert the changes made to the default settings.

Below is the setting where you can add the additional line types under the Current Line Type drop-down list:

  1. Go to Options > Defaults.
  2. In the Defaults window, scroll down and locate Design Defaults.
  3. Under Design Defaults, double click Default line Type Set.
  4. Select the desired Line type under Rule Types.
  5. Click Add to default set and click OK.

Below is the picture reflecting the newly added Line type in the drop-down menu so that you can use it instantly while designing:

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