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An error is displayed when trying to add a List, stating that the "List cannot be created in the database".

This error occurs when database terms such as WHERE, INNER, OUTER, USER, etc. are used as table headers. The reason this occurs is because these words are keywords in the Database Query language. Using these words will render the call to the database as invalid.


As an Admin user, you cannot create Lists from certain Mircosoft Excel (.xls) files. One of the following error (or similar) is displayed:

"List cannot be created in the database. Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'XXXXX'."

"List cannot be created in the database. ORA-00904: : invalid identifier"


It is not possible to use SQL keywords. If you want to create the List, you will have to rename each column that matches a SQL keyword.

A complete list of reserved keywords can be found here:


While it is not possible to use the keywords as column name for your list, a column name may contain the keyword. You can easily append an extra character to the name.


  • "DESC" → "DESC1"
  • "ORDER" → "ORDER_"
  • "GROUP" → "_GROUP"
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