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All Publish and Modify Tasks to WebCenter from Automation Engine fail. For example: Publish on Web and Create/Modify WebCenter Project.

The Automation Engine task log provides the following error:

Document filespec is not accessible by the application server


First of all, check if the container used in Automation Engine is accessible from the WebCenter Application Server. This can be tested by opening the explorer as BGSYSTEM and browsing to the UNC location of the container:

  1. Connect to the WebCenter Application Server.
  2. Go to drive:\Windows.
  3. Press the Shift key and right click Explorer.exe.
  4. Choose Run as different user.
  5. A popup window appears, enter bgsystem user.
  6. Then browse to the container using the UNC path: \\Server\ContainerName.

If you see the error given below, the sharing options on the container will need to be modified. The container needs to be shared with the BGSYSTEM user.

Another case: Though it had worked earlier, now, when you try to launch one of the WebCenter tasks, it does not work anymore.

In this case, you will need to check if there were changes on the network which could have caused this. For example: IP changes, Domain Changes, etc.

If a change has occurred:

  1. Check if you can connect to the container using the IP address instead of the DNS name. Are you able to connect?
  2. Modify the hosts file on Windows level in the WebCenter Application Server. The file can be found at: drive:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts.
  3. Copy the file to your desktop. Modify the file.
  4. Save the file and replace the original file.
  5. Try to navigate to the container again. After this works, test it in Automation Engine again.


Step 2 is a temporary fix!

The better solution is to update the DNS to return the correct IPs for all relevant servers.

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