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When installing or upgrading the FlexRip software, you get the following warning message:

No Proof Server component is installed.
The Proof Server Profiles version 10.1 is installed.

A previous version of the Proof Server and/or Proof Server Profiles is installed on the system. This version must be uninstalled first.
Use the FlexProof/E Prerequisites software distribution medium to uninstall the previous version and install the new version before restarting this installation.

This installation will be aborted.


  1. Run the FlexProof/E Prerequisites DVD.
  2. Go to Software Uninstallation.
  3. Click the following links to uninstall the installed FlexProof/E 12.1 Prerequisites:

    • Remove the Proof Server component 

    • Remove the Proof Server Profiles component 

  4. Go to Software Installation.

  5. Install or upgrade the Proof Server and Profiles components.

  6. Continue with the installation of your software.

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Applies to

FlexRip all versions

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CW Number236123