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  • KB89437487: Automation Engine - Task fails with the error: "BG_ECouldNotGetFileInfo Could not get file info for %s"
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When running a task which needs to write an output file, the task returns these messages:

ERROR: Cannot open file <\\egsbe100\CC-SW-Problemlog-gent\EA235000-EA235999\EA235989\Export\Job description with carriage

return in it.pdf> for writing

BG_ECouldNotGetFileInfo Could not get file info for %s


The task log contains messages similar to the screenshot given below. Note that the file name appears in two lines in the failed task's log.


The problem is caused by a smart name which works with a value that contains a carriage return or "ENTER" character. This is not allowed when defining a file name.

You need to check the smart names which are applied on the output file name in your task. One of the returned values will contain the carriage return character.

The smart name with the highest odds of containing a carriage return is the "Job Description" smart name as the Description field in the Job Setup allows containing carriage returns.

The below screenshot shows such a Description field in the Job Setup.

To solve this, do one of the following:

  • Remove the carriage return in the Description field in your Job Setup.
  • Use a different smart name that looks at a value which does not contain the carriage return character.
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Automation Engine 12.x

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