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When testing connection from Automation Engine to Odystar (Automation Engine Pilot > Tools > Configure > Odystar > Test Connection), the following error message appears:

Problem while testing the connection towards odystar:// 
Please check whether the SOAPServer component within the remote server is running.

When you click Show Details, the first line of the log shows: Illegal character in path at index 57: odystar://

Where in that path, the 58th character is a special character such as a square bracket, a quote character, an asterisk, etc.


Test Connection from Automation Engine fails with a message similar to the above message. The Odystar Hub is running and the IP address mentioned in the error message is the IP address of the server.


You need to remove the special character(s) from the name of the Odystar canvas and/ or from the name of the Receive process folder in your canvas.

These special characters may be possible to use on a Mac only environment (Odystar without connection to Automation Engine), but the connection between Automation Engine and Odystar works via Java on the Windows platform and implies a restriction on which characters can be used.

Please make sure to verify the names of all the canvases and all the Receive process folders which are shared for Shuttle because the problem can exist in more than one name.

The error message refers to index 57. The first character has index position zero, so, it means that index 57 references the 58th character in the path.

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Applies to

Automation Engine 12.2.0

Odystar 4.1.1

Last revised 
CW Number231566