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For a retail ready design, how do you create a pull-away animation?

  • Using properties of special rules and add tear lines to define tear parts

  • Making a pull-away animation.


  1. Change the perfs to the 3D attribute, Tear.
  2. Fill in the gaps in the thumb holes with tear lines in the 3D Assist layer.
  3. Convert to 3D.
  4. Click the Make tear-away animation button.
  5. Click on a Thumb tab.
  6. Turn on Disappear at the end.
  7. Use the Make tear-away animation tool to tear-away another thumb tab.

  8. Use the Make tear-away animation tool to pull away the top.

  9. Play the animation.

See the video: Pull-away animation

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ArtiosCAD 12.0

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