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The CHILI Editor stops loading after about 5%. However, other functions seem to work fine.

This problem can be caused by encoding being applied on the CHILI IIS which causes problems for the WebCenter IIS.


 When trying to open the CHILI Editor, it starts to load at first, but stops after about 5%. No matter how long you wait, it does not continue beyond this point. This happens for every file you try to open in the Editor. The rest of the CHILI functionality seems to work fine. Documents can be uploaded and thumbnails are generated, and you can receive different download types. The Setup page shows that the CHILI connection is OK.

After loading around 5%, you can get the following popup error (this does not always occur): 

SOAP Response cannot be decoded. Raw response

In the Developer tools, the following error is displayed:



The cause for the problem can be found in the configuration of IIS on the CHILI and WebCenter Web Server. If data is encoded on the CHILI IIS, this can cause problems for the WebCenter IIS. 

To resolve this, the encoding on the CHILI IIS has to be disabled (you can leave it on the WebCenter IIS). Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Open the IIS Manager on the CHILI Server.
  2. Select the CHILI application.
  3. In the Features view, select Compression.
  4. Disable the check boxes and click Apply.
  5. Restart the Web Site.
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