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Output fails and returns an ArtiosCAD Command error:

File does not exist (UFANEX)

Command: EXE kongsberg_header_output WITH OUTCM.OUTPT.


  • In the concerned output Properties > Advanced tab > Output through command file, if you disable this function, the output runs fine.
  • The error does not appear on all clients even if they point to the same Shared Defaults.
  • The command file itself 'kongsberg_header_output' is by default an installed file and is present in the local folder InstLib of the client (and server).
  • Occurs on Windows 7 and Windows 8 PCs from ArtiosCAD version 12.0. onwards.


Since ArtiosCAD 12.0, it is mandatory for Windows 7 and Windows 8 OS to set UAC settings (User Account Control) on low and reboot the PC. The ideal situation is to do this before installing ArtiosCAD. But even if the installation went fine, it can cause errors afterwards such as the above example.

To check or change the UAC settings:

  1. Go to Start > Control Panel > User Accounts.
  2. Set the Change User Account Control Settings option to Never Notify.

Other similar errors can occur and that are often due to blocked permissions because of the UAC.

For more information, check the Release Notes of your ArtiosCAD version.

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ArtiosCAD 12.0 and newer

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