In the Automation Engine Tasks list, there are tasks containing the word IMP and other tasks with the word Imposition. Which one do I need to use?


Choose an IMP-task in case you work with an IMP-file. An IMP-file can be created by using either the FastImpose application or IMP-file tasks such as Import JDF Stripping or Create IMP File.

If you are not working with an IMP-file, choose a task with the word Imposition. This refers to all third party impositions.

There is one exception: When publishing an IMP-file on WebCenter, there is only one task Publish Imposition on WebCenter Chain
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Automation Engine 14.x

Automation Engine 12.x

Automation Engine 10.x

FastImpose 14.x

FastImpose 12.x

FastImpose 10.x

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