How to setup Email configuration in Automation Engine to use Office 365 as SMTP mail server.


Follow the steps given below:

  1. Log in to Automation Engine Pilot with user who has Administrator privileges.

  2. Navigate to Tools > Configure > E-mail Configuration.

  3. Enter "" in SMTP Server with the Port set to 587.

  4. Use a secure connection should be disabled.

  5. Enable SMTP server requires password and enter a valid Email username and password.
  6. Click Advanced....
  7. In the Advanced Properties window, add the following new entry:

    Key = mail.smtp.starttls.enable
    Value = true

    With these settings, Automation Engine will only be able to send E-mails where the "From" E-mail address is what you have set in the "User Name" field. If you want Automation Engine to be able to send E-mails from other E-mail addresses (i.e. using the "Send E-mail" task), then the E-mail address set in the "User Name" filed has to be given "Send as" and "Send on behalf" privileges for each of the other E-mail addresses. Refer to the following link for information on how to do that:

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Automation Engine 16.1 and newer

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