Print Control Wizard - Can Color Pilot v20.0 or 20.1 with printing conditions work with older versions of Automation Engine/Imaging Engine?


Color Pilot 20.0 works with Automation Engine 18.1.x.

Color Pilot 20.1 works with Automation Engine 18.1.x but with limitations! It will work for Flexibles and Labels, but not for Corrugated. The corrugated printing conditions work with 2540 or 2400 dpi resolution, while before printing conditions were always on 4000 dpi, so you will not be able to choose the Crystal screen with 2540 dpi, for this you need Automation Engine/Imaging Engine 20.1.

It should be clear that we do advice to have all applications on the same version. So the preferred way is to have Color Pilot 20.0/20.1 with Automation Engine/Imaging Engine 20.0/20.1.

What about charts made in an older version of Print Control Wizard?

Please check this KB: 

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