Cannot find the ticket Calculate Ink Key Settings (InkPlanner) to generate a CIP3 file in Automation Engine Pilot.


The ticket Calculate Ink Key Settings cannot be launched separately. It can only be launched as a chained task to any ripping ticket.

Before we proceed, check if the licenses for the below mentioned modules have been activated on the FlexRip and Automation Engine Server respectively:

  • FlexRip : FlexRip InkPlanner
  • Automation Engine : Automation Engine InkPlanner task

If the licenses for the above mentioned modules are present in the license manager, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the Automation Engine Pilot.
  2. Go to the Tickets view and search for your ripping ticket.
  3. Once you find your ripping ticket, make a copy of it by right clicking on the ticket > Copy > Paste > provide a new name and click Save. This is to avoid any sort of changes to your original ripping ticket.
  4. Double click the ticket you just created.
  5. In the Steps: section, click Add….
  6. In the resulting Add Step window, search for Calculate Ink Key Settings. When you find the ticket, select it and click OK.
  7. Configure the ticket according to your requirement and save the ticket (can also be configured in the workflow editor).

Now, this ticket can be found in the Ticket Browser and can be used in the workflow.

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