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A workflow task type can contain multiple manual task types and even other sub-workflows. In some cases, you may not want all documents that were added to the workflow in the beginning, to continue flowing through the workflow. Using the Output parameters for the individual manual and workflow task types, you can choose which documents proceed and which are dropped.


Follow these steps to modify the Output parameters for a task type used in a workflow:

  1. Open your workflow.
  2. From a task type's contextual menu, select Edit Parameters... or double-click the node to open the Edit Parameters dialog.
  3. Open the Output tab. On the Output tab, you can determine which documents are output. The fields on the Output tab are:

    Add as output
    • All task documents: Output all the documents that are attached.
    • Only new task documents: This excludes all the task documents and the documents that were previously available. This results in the new task documents.
    • No documents: Set no documents as output of the task.
    NameFilter the output document by name or document extension. For example, *_1.pdf files.
  4. Click OK to save your changes.

For more information, read the Task Types section in the User Documentation.

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