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What are the requirements of network speed in order to support Esko network licenses in your network infrastructure?


The requirements for network speed for the usage of Esko network licenses are really low. Today's networks should be no issue.

What is much more important is the network latency between the client application and the Network License Manager.
The network latency should be less than 100 msec and should stay stable, otherwise the client application won't be able to acquire network licenses within a reasonable time or the client application may behave incorrect while regularly inspecting the network licenses.

PlatformLatency > 100 msec
Mac OS XThe application may be slower or hang until the license request is established.
WindowsThe application fails to acquire a license and may error out or start to misbehave.

More information

FLEXnet Licensing sends small amounts of data across the network. Each license checkout or checkin, is typically satisfied with less than 1 KB of data transferred.
Each FLEXnet licensed application also exchange heartbeat messages with the Network License Server which are small as well.

Refer this article for information on Latency test:

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