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It is possible to change the Project Manager of certain WebCenter Project to another User or Group after creating the Project. This article describes how to do so.


As a Project Manager of a Project, or as an Administrator, you can change the Project Manager of that Project to a different User or Group.

Single Project

To change the Project Manager of a single Project:

  1. Go to your Project.
  2. Choose Project Information from the Project sub menu.
  3. Click the underlined Manager link to see a list of possible Project Manager Users and Groups. The Project Manager can only be a User that is a Project Manager (or Administrator), or a Group that contains at least one Project Manager.

  4. Select the User or Group you want to be the Project Manager. You can use the filter to search for your desired User or Group.
  5. Click Finish>> to confirm your choice and change the Project Manager. If you were the Project Manager before, you might see an immediate change as you will have less permissions on the Project now.

If you are unable to change the Project Manager, this means you are not the current Project Manager or an Administrator User. Ask an Administrator to help you out in this case.

Read more about editing projects in the Editing Projects section in the WebCenter User Documentation.

Multiple Projects

If you have sufficient permissions, it is possible to change the Project Manager for multiple Projects in one go (since WebCenter 14.0). Read this Knowledge Base article to learn more:

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