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All Automation Engine clients are very slow.

Whenever you launch the Pilot or browse the Ticket, the first container in the container list always get scanned. If the container has a lot of folders it could take time to complete the scan.


  • Launching Pilot takes about 25 seconds.
  • Browsing to a folder takes about 2 minutes depending on the number of subfolders in the directory that you’re browsing to.
  • Launch workflow - This takes 20 seconds to get to the Launch workflow window. 10 to 15 seconds to display public parameters associated with the workflow.


Adjust the file management structure by creating additional containers and splitting the folders into a manageable size.

Enable File Sharing (and enabled SMB sharing) on the Mac system. This improves the speed of the Pilot.

Other troubleshooting tips for Automation Engine Pilot / Client can be found here:

Work around

Create a new container called “A_Dummy_Container”. Because of its name, it shows up as the first container.

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Applies to

Automation Engine 12.x

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CW Number257090