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When adding a custom language to WebCenter (a language that is not selectable in the UI by default), the annotation functionality in the WebCenter HTML5 Viewer may break. The annotation input field is no longer displayed and it is not possible to add, edit or reply to an annotation.


The following issues may occur in the HTML5 Viewer:

  • The input field for annotations may not be displayed.
  • It may not be possible to add new annotations, edit annotations or reply to existing annotations.
  • A blank field may be displayed when trying to edit or add an annotation.


The Rich Text Editor used for adding and editing annotations only supports the WebCenter default languages. However, it is possible to install additional language files for the Editor.

Follow these steps to download and install additional language files:

  1. Go to
  2. Download the language file for your newly configured language. If your language is not supported, download the language file for the language that you would like to use instead and rename the file.
  3. Extract the .zip file and make sure that the .js file has the same name as the abbreviation of your custom language.
  4. Copy the .js file to the your Web Server in the following directory: \Esko\Artios\WebCenter\WebServer\tomcat\webapps\web-viewer\lib\tinymce\langs.

After refreshing, the HTML5 Viewer should now work correctly. If the new file is not picked up, a restart of the WebCenter Tomcat service can be done.

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WebCenter 14.0

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