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When I am typing something in a Rich Text Attribute, my cursor jumps away from the Attribute. The focus is lost.

Sometimes, the typing just stops, sometimes, it continues in another Attribute. What is happening?


This issue is most likely related to Visibility Rules or Buttons.

If a Visibility Rule checks on the content of an Attribute, it may change things to the category display. At that moment, the category is redrawn. When a Rule checks for the value of a Rich Text Attribute, the redrawing will happen while typing. Because the rendering of a Rich Text Attribute takes a bit longer than the other Attributes, this can result in the loss of focus. The same will happen if a button is triggered upon changing a Rich Text Attribute.

This is a known issue which is logged with the R&D team.


To prevent this behavior, we recommend not to create Visibility Rules based on the value for Rich Text Attributes.

Also, make sure Buttons that cause a change in other Attributes are not triggered upon changing Rich Text Attributes.

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WebCenter 14.0

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