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When a WebCenter is configured to use "Block authentication after X failed consecutive login attempts" functionality, it can happen that an Administrator user gets locked out of the system and can no longer log in. Since it is the Administrator's responsibility for unblocking accounts that were blocked by this functionality - blocking the Administrator himself creates a blocking situation and may cause the WebCenter application to become inaccessible.


When you use the browser to log in as an Administrator user, the login fails (even if you used the correct login credentials). The following error message is displayed:

Basic password authentication
Logon Failed.
Either your username or password was incorrect. Or you may have been blocked because of too many failed login attempts. Please try again. If the account is blocked, ask an administrator to unblock it.


In order to unblock the target Administrator user account (that was blocked via "Block authentication after X failed consecutive login attempts" functionality), you have to:

  1. Log in to the Web Server host machine of the WebCenter Server you are using (for example using Remote Desktop Connection or TeamViewer).
  2. While being logged in on the Web Server, open a browser window and access WebCenter via localhost (type the following URL: http://localhost:8081/WebCenter_Inst).
  3. When the standard WebCenter Log In page is displayed, log in as the blocked Administrator user.
  4. After logging in, your Administrator user account is unblocked automatically.


If you have multiple Administrator users available on your WebCenter Server, you can use another such user to log in to the system and unblock the locked Administrator user (via Admin > Users > click the lock icon-link shown next to the locked user's username).

Hosted WebCenter

If you are working on a "hosted WebCenter Server", it is very likely that you are unable to log in to the appropriate Web Server machine. In that case you will need to contact ESKO Hosting Support to help you with your situation.

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WebCenter 14.1

Last revised10-Jul-15
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