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Why does the Prepare Manufacturing toolbar becomes undocked after I run ArtiosCAD 12?


The Prepare Manufacturing tool bar is a new toolbar introduced in ArtiosCAD 14. It contains tools like Bleed, Coating Free Area, Bridge Tools, Nicks Tools and Tack Bridge Tools.

By default all new tool bars will be visible and are in the floating position when a new version runs for the first time. A user can close the new toolbar or dock it to a convenient location. Once docked, the information about the new toolbar's location will be saved and every time the user restarts this version of ArtiosCAD, the new tool bar will be displayed in its docked position. 

All versions of ArtiosCAD share the same repository as to where the docking information is stored. If a user starts an older version of ArtiosCAD, the tool bar location information  will be overwritten by that version, which does not have the Prepare Manufacturing tool bar. The next time a user starts ArtiosCAD version 14, since there is no longer any information saved about the Prepare Manufacturing tool bar, it will be treated as a new toolbar and displayed in the default floating position.

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