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Proof tasks will fail after the job has ripped and transferred to the Proof Client. Errors are seen in the Proof Client and/or in the Automation Engine task log file.


Error message similar to the one given below can be seen in the Automation Engine log file and/or in the Proof Client:

Get overlapped result raw:// An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.


Typically this error points to a problem with the Proofer – basically the Proofer has dropped the connection. You’ll likely see the error in the Proof Client as well (a Windows error is being reported back to the Proof Client, and in turn, back to Automation Engine).

Check the connectivity to the Proofer using one of the methods given below:

  • Ping the IP.
  • Telnet to the IP using the port 9100 (such as “telnet 9100” – if it’s successful the screen will go blank. If not, you’ll get an error).
  • Try to navigate to the Proofer’s internal web page by entering the IP address in a web browser.

You’ll likely find one or more of those methods will fail. If so, the first thing to try is to reboot the Proofer and check its network connection. If the Proofer has a USB connection, try using that to help determine if it is a network problem. If the problem persists it is best to contact the Proofer's manufacturer.

Potentially it could be a network card/network error as well – anything that might interrupt the communication between the Proof Server and the Proofer.

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FlexProofE 12

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