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How can I add a resolution to my Rip?


  1. Stop the Dispatcher.
  2. Launch the FlexRip Configurator.
  3. Select the Rip Flavour in the pull down menu.
  4. Select the dispatcher in the bottom half of the window.
  5. Click the Modify button.
  6. Select the configuration that you are using in your Rip ticket.
  7. Click the Modify button.
  8. Select the Resolution Set.
  9. Click the Modify button.
  10. Now click the Add button.
  11. Type the resolution that you want to add (2540).
  12. Click OK on every window to apply the new resolution.
  13. Launch your dispatcher.
  14. Launch or Restart Pilot and the resolution should now be available.

Remark for FlexRip/C

This procedure will not work for older CDI types. These had a limited set of resolutions due to hardware limitations, and this is enforced in FlexRip Configurator as well.

You can recognize these because the list of Device Types' in FlexRip Configurator typically shows two versions, e.g. compact4232q and compact4232q_var. The '_var' means "variable resolution" so you can add resolutions, and the other has a fixed set of resolutions.

If you want to add a resolution to such a device, please make sure first that the CDI hardware support this. If so, first you can do a "Change device type" to an '_var' type, and then follow the procedure above.

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