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Customer's company policy now requires all users to logon with user names other than the default user names that are installed by PackEdge and Plato installation. They are required to change passwords every month. Since this requirement they are no longer able to connect to the Central Data Resources on the Automation Engine.


The preferences are set up correctly to the Automation Engine (Edit > Preferences > Server&Resources tab). The Location of Data Resources show local paths instead of the Automation Engine path.


If the users are domain users, then add them to the BGUSERS group or BGADMIN group in the Automation Engine. Details on how to add domain users to Automation Engine can be found in the Automation Engine installation guide.


If you are logged onto the PC with a username that is not known by the Automation Engine, you will need to authenticate with the server.

To Authenticate,

  1. On the PC with PackEdge/Plato, click the Windows (Start) button.
  2. In the Search box, type \\<PC name> (replace <PC name> with your Automation Engine Server name).
  3. If you are asked for a username and password, you can use a known user for the Automation Engine PC. Example - bgsystem

    Make sure you click the Remember password option.
  4. If this user's password changes every month, you will need to authenticate after the password change.
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