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In the Integrate with WebCenter task (new since Automation Engine 14.0) > Start/Stop Approval action, you can select a Document "by Version ID" or "by Document ID". How to find these IDs and use them as SmartNames?


In a workflow, if you first use the Integrate with WebCenter task and the action Upload Document or Get Document History, you will see the prompted IDs in the output XML file. 

For example, you will see the following in the output XML file:




Using XML values as SmartNames   

To use the values in the output XML as SmartNames, you need to Map Output Parameters to make them available as Workflow Parameter SmartNames:

  1. Open the ticket (Integrate with WebCenter task, Action Upload Document, Get Document History, etc.).
  2. Click the Advanced Options () button. Then click Map Output Parameters....
  3. The available Output Parameters for the ticket are displayed. Double-click a Parameter to map to an existing Workflow Parameter, or create a new one.
  4. After you run the task, right-click the output pin. Then right-click the XML file.
  5. In the Workflow Parameter Values, you should see the Workflow Parameter is updated with the output value of the XML file.

  6. You can now use these Workflow Parameter SmartNames in your Integrate with WebCenter task (Action Start/Stop Approval).


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Automation Engine 14.x

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