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  • KB132907311: FlexProof - What to do when only the EskoStrip type is available in the proof task
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In the Verification tab of the Proof (FlexProof) task you only have the strip type "EskoStrip" and "Esko + Solid Color Strip" available. This article describes how to recover the other strip types.


  • Only the "EskoStrip" and "Esko + Solid Color Strip" strip type is available.
  • There are no TIFF files in the folder: C:\ProgramData\Esko\Proof\Server\ControlStrip

    This folder should contain 66 TIFF files.


  • Perform a repair of the Proof Server.
    1. Run the installer from the FlexProof-E Prerequisite DVD (the DVD containing the Proof Server and Esko Profiles).
    2. Choose Software Installation / Installation or upgrade the Proof Server component > Repair the Proof Server component.
  • Copy the contents of the C:\ProgramData\Esko\Proof\Server\ControlStrip folder from another system.
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FlexProof 10

FlexProof 12

FlexProof 14

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