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This article contains an overview of all keyboard shortcuts and special mouse-click options for the HTML5 Viewer.

For more assistance with the HTML5 Viewer, see:

In WebCenter 14.1 and newer, more shortcuts are available. Use the shortcut key '?' or click the Keyboard Shortcuts button to open a dialog with an up to date overview of keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard Shortcuts 

 The following keyboard shortcuts are available in WebCenter 14.0.x:

ActionKeyboard Shortcut
Activate Zoom toolZ
Activate Zoom tool for one Zoom actionF8
Cancel Zoom In actionEsc
Zoom InCtrl + +, Ctrl + =, F5
Zoom OutCtrl + -, F6
Fit Document in ViewCtrl + 0, F9
Activate Pan toolH
Temporarily Switch to Pan toolHold Spacebar
Show Channel 1-9Alt + 1 to Alt + 9
Show Channel 10-19Alt + Ctrl + 0 to Alt + Ctrl + 9
Show next Channel, Show only first of selected ChannelsAlt + N
Show all ChannelsAlt + A

(Re)activate Anchor Alignment tool

(Anchor Point Alignment)

Move Anchor in Anchor Alignment toolUp, Down, Left and Right Arrows Keys
Delete Selected AnnotationDelete

Special Mouse-Click Options

ActionMouse-Click Option
Fit Document in ViewDouble-click Zoom tool

Zoom Out

(when Zoom tool is active)  

Alt + click
Zoom In and OutMouse Scroll
Zoom In on the Selected AreaZoom tool and Drag Selection
Rotate Counter ClockwiseShift + Rotate View

Add Linked Annotation to

Currently Selected Annotation

Annotation tool + Shift + Drag/click
Open Channel Colors dialogClick Channel Color Swatch
Open Color Picker for ChannelContextual menu (right-click) of Channel Color Swatch
Change Channel OrderDrag and Drop Channel Swatches
Only Show this ChannelContextual menu (right-click) of Channel Eye box
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WebCenter 14.0.x

Last revised28-Apr-15
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  1. Anonymous

    Need Strg + S to switch from Version to Version

    1. Anonymous

      Need also Str + S to switch from Version to Version!!

  2. Anonymous

    Need also Str + S to switch from Version to Version!!