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When you open the Job Setup window in Automation Engine Pilot, sometimes no thumbnail is shown while in other cases it does show a thumbnail. Is there a way to automatically specify which file's thumbnail it should display?


There is no user-controllable preference setting to specify which file's thumbnail is automatically set as the job thumbnail.

The icon for the job is set automatically,

  • when it is not yet set
  • when one of these tasks finishes with success:
    • Export ArtPro to PDF task
    • Normalize PDF task
    • Normalize PostScript / PDF / Illustrator 8.0 File task

To set your_file's thumbnail in the Job Setup, make sure that your_file is the first file in that job which runs through any of the above tasks.

You can also manually set a file:

  1. Open the Job Setup window.
  2. Right-click on the thumbnail field.
  3. "Select..."

As long as you did not run one of the above tasks, the thumbnail place holder will show "No file selected".

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Applies to

Automation Engine 14.0.1

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CW Number268064


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  1. Added to AE user manual (v16)