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Shared folders can be accessed from other computers as long as the user credentials are defined. These shared folders can be

  1. Central Resources on an Automation Engine Server.
  2. File Server containing production/art files.
  3. Output location for Imaging Engine to write files.

If the client computer is logged on as a user that is unknown to the Server with the shared folder, the logon credentials will need to be defined.

  1. When client computer is logged on with the username administrator and password 123abc. The password for the username administrator is more likely not the same password as on the Server PC.
  2. When the client computer logs on to its computer as artdept and password art123. This username and password is not known to the Server PC.

A client computer can be any computer with the following software:

  1. FlexRip, FlexProof, Imaging Engine
  2. Editors - PackEdge, Plato, DeskPack, FastImpose, i-cut
  3. Automation Engine
  4. Color Engine Pilot, Curve Pilot


Imaging Engine or FlexRip will give Parser errors /  E_CONTROL_IE Internal error (Parser error: "file: file://fileservername/path/path/file.ext is not found").

Color Engine Pilot does not have access to CMS (Color Management System). The PC uses local CMS.

Curve Pilot does not have access to icpro files.

PackEdge or Plato does not have access to Central Resources. To review Central Resource location the Editor is using, open the editor and go to Help > About. The Server&Resources have been defined to use the Central Resources. See below doc.


  1. Click Start. In the Search programs and files field, type \\servername. Replace servername with the name of the PC which you are trying to gain access. Press ENTER. The client PC will try to connect to the server PC with the username and password that the client PC is currently logged on. This may take a few minutes.
  2. If the client PC cannot authenticate with the server PC, a Windows Security window will open. You will need to enter a username and password for the server PC. Click the Remember my credentials check box. This will store the username and password for the user you are currently logged on as on your client PC.
  3. Once the username and password have been accepted, the Windows Explorer window will open and you will see the shared folders you now have access.

Relaunch the application and you will now see the central resources available. Or, relaunch tasks to confirm access to server.

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