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When trying to install FlexRip Pilot, it gives the following error “No valid license to install”. What are the licenses required to install FlexRip Pilot?


This applies only to customers who have FlexRip without Automation Engine license.

FlexRip is the Engine to RIP files. For FlexRip to process the file, it needs a request to be submitted via some means (ex: HotFolder / Ticket, etc). Configuring tickets and basic ripping workflows is not possible within FlexRip and hence it is done through Automation Engine Pilot.

Customers having license only for FlexRip without Automation Engine are entitled to receive free license for FlexRip Pilot which is a stripped down version of Automation Engine Pilot to configure their FlexRip basic workflows.

Along with the FlexRip base licenses, you need the following licenses to continue to install FlexRip Pilot (a stripped down version of Automation Engine Pilot):

  • FlexRip Pilot XX.X -  FRPILOT_VXXX (XX = Version of FlexRip)
  • FlexRip Pilot XX connections - FRPILOT_PILOTSXX (XX = Number of FlexRip Pilot connections)

In case you do not see the above licenses in your Esko License Manager, please contact Esko customer support for assistance.

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FlexRip all versions

Last revised05-Nov-14
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