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Create Tiles task will generate a multi-page PDF file with a tile on each page. Some tiles are rotated, but it's not clear why?


Create Tiles task will generate a multi-page PDF file with all the tiles in the PDF, but some pages in the output file are rotated.


Reason: To generate tiles, the task uses a tiling sequence (direction and pattern - left to right vs. up or down, snake vs. zig-zag, etc.). In case the tiles are generated in a snake pattern, then some tiles will be rotated. By default, the task will generate tiles in a snake pattern. Currently the task panel does not allow you to define the pattern of the tiling sequence, unless you define the overlap.

This issue will be solved by a user interface redesign in Automation Engine v14.1 (expected to be released in July 2015).

Currently as a workaround, you can specify a tiling sequence as part of the Add Overlaps options. The tiling sequence (in the overlap options) also affects the tiling itself (page order and orientation) and the tiling report.

So toggle on the Add Overlaps option, adapt the setting as needed, then you can switch off this option again, and save the ticket.

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Automation Engine 14.0.1

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