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The following error appears when trying to save a file larger than 30MB to a project in ArtiosCAD Enterprise:



The following error appears when you try to save a file larger than 30MB to a project in ArtiosCAD Enterprise:

Error Message: A WebCenter processing error has occurred.

Debug Message: Invalid response status - /WebCenter_Inst/DocumentUpload.jsp

System Message: Received HTTP status code 404

This is because the default setting in IIS6/7 for file upload is set to 30MB for file size.


Reset the maximum file upload size in IIS.

  1. Open IIS Manager.
  2. Select the WebCenter website.
  3. Double-click Request Filtering.
  4. Click Rules > Edit Feature Settings....

  5. A dialogue opens and you will see the Maximum allowed content length field which is set to 30 million bytes by default. This allows you to upload files close to 30MB in size. Adding a zero will bring the default up to 300MB.
  6. Click OK to close the window and retain the settings.
  7. Restart IIS for these changed to take effect .

 To restart IIS

  1. Click Start and type CMD in the text field.

  2. Press Enter.

  3. A Command Prompt window opens.

  4. Type iisreset and press Enter.

  5. You will now be able to upload larger file sizes based on the values entered above.
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