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The Description can not be changed while the document is in Draft mode.


The draft must be saved before the ability to edit the Description field is available.

Here is an example of a typical workflow:

  1. When the design is first saved, the Description field in the Database Information window is available for input. The Characteristics and Attributes may also be added at this time.

  2. After the design is saved, all information is written to the database. Draft mode is entered when File/Save Draft is selected regardless of any changes made to the design.

  3. Once in Draft mode, the Database Information window displays the locked Description field.

    The Attributes and Characteristics can still be edited.

  4. Saving the draft will now open up the Description field for editing.

  5. After the design is saved, the changes will be available for viewing in the Browser.

    These fields may not be edited in the browser when the design is open.

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ArtiosCAD Enterprise 14.0 and newer

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