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This tool aids in removal and replacement of table servo safety lamps and minimizes the damaging of the lamp assembly.


Common problem: There is very little clearance for removing and replacing the Safety lamp BA15D mounted in the Allen Bradley fixture bezel.

It's hard to grip the glass bulb and push down and turn the old lamp so that it can be removed.

Only 2 plastic barb-tabs that hold the bayonet socket in the bezel can break off if too much pressure is exerted.


  1. Obtain a piece of 5/8 OD –1/2 ID vinyl or Reinforced hose sold by the foot (usually a 1 foot minimum purchase). Reinforced is stiffer and works better.
  2. Measure and Cut off as straight as you can, a 3 to 3.5 inch length of hose.

  3. Heat one end with a propane lighter or heat gun, to soften up the plastic. While hot, press the new lamp glass bulb into the hot plastic to flare the end so it grips the bulb tightly and allow it to cool and harden for a couple of minutes.
  4. You're ready to use it.
  5. Remove the new lamp and put the flared end of the hose into the bezel over the old lamp glass. Push down and turn the bulb to the right about 3/16 of an inch until the lamp unlocks and releases, gently rocking and pulling up to  easily remove the lamp.
  6. Remove old lamp from tool, insert new lamp, push down and turn left, til it locks. Its so easy.
  7. You can store the tool in your toolbox with any spare lamps. It's a good idea to write "lamp tool" on it , so some one doesn't throw it away.
  8. Dual prong servo lamp 24V 5W BA15D- Esko Part # 42435081.
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