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When ripping a file with HD screens, the following error appears in the log file:

PixelMachine.kACRErrorThe runlist element information for the erroneous placed object is:Filename: "file://mshdpc-mws-eb20/DeskPackContainer/110720/tmpPdf/fat_bp110720p1_2963398.pdf"Page No.: 1FATAL PDFL Exception: A drawing error occurred...\..\..\source\acr\pdfdoc\IImpPDFDocHdl.cpp1378
Failed to load CSB file, 1
Worker-2:: Job: 56 Failed
Elapsed time to rip job: 17.394 seconds.
Maximum Memory Usage: 1784.19 MB.
CPU time to rip job: 0 seconds.
Controller:: Job failed
Please check the Imaging Engine logfiles.


When ripping a file with HD screens, the rip task fails with the following error in the log file: "Failed to load CSB file".



The HD screen selected in this rip task was corrupt or missing .CSB files. The HD screen was uninstalled and then installed again. The Imaging Engine processes need to be stopped and started again for the Imaging Engine to recognize the new screen files.

To stop and start the Imaging Engine processes,

  1. Go to Pilot > Tools > Configure > Imaging Engine.
  2. Click the Stop button.

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Automation Engine 14

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