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How to deactivate the Instant Trapper license on one of our three workstations? We have two network licenses, and one workstation will not need it at all.


The first client workstation that launches Adobe® Illustrator® will reserve the licenses for the plug-ins that are requested. If plug-ins are not needed on client workstations you can disable the request for the license in the Network License Setup.

On the workstation that do not need the plugin, disable the network license.

  1. In the Adobe® Illustrator®, go to Help > Esko > Esko Plug-ins.
  2. At the bottom of the Esko Plug-ins window, select Network License Setup.
  3. Uncheck the plug-ins that are not needed. The plug-ins that are unchecked will not reserve a license from the network license server.
  4. Close Adobe® Illustrator® and restart.
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