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When should a check and recalibrate cycle be performed?


The check and recalibrate function is used to ensure color accuracy. The object is to keep the proofer as close as possible to the assigned color profile. Proofer output will drift over time - this is expected behavior.

The more often check and recalibrate is run, the more consistent the proofer's output will be. The frequency of check and recalibrate cycles is dependent upon the customer's color accuracy expectation and the level of accuracy desired.  The tighter the dE tolerances for the check and recalibrate function, the more often the process should be performed to maintain those standards. Many customers set a schedule for the process - weekly, daily, etc., based on the desired accuracy.

If not on a regular schedule, check and recalibrate should be performed if any of the following occur:

  • A noticeable shift in color or a failing verification strip.
  • A change in the proofer environment - such as changes in temperature and humidity.
  • Repairs or maintenance are performed on the proofer, particularly in relation to the ink system (in case after such major interventions the check and recalibrate results are not improving, it might be necessary to recreate the proofer profile).
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