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Saving a work space with multiple parts may take a significant amount of time.

When ArtiosCAD generates a thumbnail for a saved design, it attempts to fold the design in the background and create the thumbnail. This poses a problem with multi-part workspaces because ArtiosCAD will not generate a thumbnail for multiple pieces of a design or display within one workspace. A3D files behave differently because the workspace already includes the folded design(s). Multi-part workspaces will generate a 2D thumbnail, but unnecessary processing will be done in the background when the 'Database Defaults/General Options' default is set for the Design Thumbnail Format.

'ArtiosCAD 3D' is the default setting that ArtiosCAD uses when it is installed.

Here is an example of a workspace that would benefit from this default change.


Performance can be significantly improved when the Database Defaults > General Options default is set to 'Simple JPEG'

Change the Default to Simple JPEG and save the default settings. Do not use 'Folded JPEG'. It will behave in the same manner as 'ArtiosCAD 3D'.

This change will not affect any existing thumbnails in the database and it can be set back to 'ArtiosCAD 3D' after the multi-part file is saved.

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