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There are times when you want to use a different SA password for the Microsoft SQL Express 2012 database that ships with ArtiosCAD, such as for security reasons, or if the default password does not meet the security policies of the network. How do I use a different SA password for the Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express database?


If the database server is not currently loaded onto the system follow these steps:

  1. If the ArtiosCAD media is on a DVD, copy it to your hard drive so that you can edit files.
  2. In the ArtiosCAD subfolder of the media, edit the file SQL2012ExpressInstall.bat. Find all instances of SAPWD= and change the password to what you would like it to be (there should be two occurrences). Save the file.
  3. Install ArtiosCAD using the Server/Custom installation type.
  4. During the ArtiosCAD installation at the Setup Type screen, select the Advanced installation type. Make sure to either Use the default configuration, or select Change previous installation settings if upgrading from an earlier version of ArtiosCAD.
  5. At the Advanced Options screen, you will have the opportunity to specify the changed SA password for running the database building scripts.

It the database engine is already loaded onto the system, you can use SQL Server Management Studio to change the SA password, and then follow the steps above starting at Step 3.

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ArtiosCAD 14.0 and newer

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