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Automation Engine has the ability to use Smart PitStop Preflight Profiles. This technology can use SmartNames as variables in the PitStop Profile to change the values used in the PitStop Profile. The PitStop Profile Editor loads the global SmartNames from the connected Automation Engine. This can vastly reduce the number of PitStop Profiles needed as they are now dynamic and take value from any SmartName associated with the file. This is a simple example to toggle on/or off a PitStop Profile fix.

For more information on how to create PitStop Profiles, please refer to The PitStop Profile Editor section of the Automation Engine manual.

In this use-case any PDF that go through the workflow that is in an Esko Job and has a customer assigned will have certain customer information added to the metadata in the PDF such as the name of the customer, the original file name, the Task Owner, information in the Job Description, as well as the current date when this information is added. If no customer is set in the Job, then this information is not added. This metadata can be viewed by opening the PDF in Adobe® Acrobat® and choosing the File > Properties menu.


1. Develop a SmartName

Develop a Conditional SmartName that determines if the condition is met (bullet 1).

To toggle a check box ON/OFF use the following rule: for a true condition, make the result in the Conditional SmartName equal to 1 (bullet 2) else return a value of 0 (bullet 3).

2. Develop a Smart PitStop Profile

Create a PitStop Profile with the needed PitStop Profile checks.

  1. Enable variable names pull down under the blue Actions link located to the right of each Problem to Fix entry (bullet 1).
  2. In the Problem to Fix area that needs to be either enabled or disabled, insert the SmartName that was developed form step 1 (bullet 2).
  3. If applicable insert another SmartName to the PitStop Profile in the appropriate fields. (bullet 3)

3. Create the Automation Engine Workflow

Add a Preflight with PitStop task in your workflow and add the PitStop profile created in step 2. Please note that Normalized PDF files cannot be sent through this workflow when Allow fixes options are enabled. This will result in an error.

Resulting PDF

To see the metadata added,

Open the file in Adobe® Acrobat® and choose File > Properties.

If the conditions needed were met, the metadata will be added.


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