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A file name using separation characters (such as an underscore) is used but the string parts after the first separation character and before the last separation character is needed as a SmartName result. The same separation character may or may not be used within the middle part of the string.

This result can be achieved by one String Extract SmartName using a Regular Expression. To create this SmartName follow the steps given below:

Example File Names:

Example Filename

Needed String Result

12345_this the file name_endingpart.pdf

this is the file name





  1. Create a new SmartName of the type String Extract.
  2. Enter the [File] SmartName in the Extract part of field.
  3. Choose Use regular expression from the Extract Part drop-down menu.

  4. Enter the following regular expression in the text field after Extract Part label:

    Regular Expression
  5. Save the SmartName.

    Other Separation Characters

    To edit which separation character is used, change the underscore in the regular expression provided to the needed character.

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