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Why is the ink coverage report from PackEdge and DeskPack different for the same file?


The ink coverage is calculated by generating a temporary CT from the document after which the pixels are counted.

The difference is due to two things:

  1. The outcome depends on the resolution of the temporary CT. The higher the resolution, the more accurate the result will be. On the other hand, a higher resolution might result in a slower application.
  2. It's highly sure that when calculating the CT in different applications you will get a slightly different CT. As a consequence, the ink coverage will not be exactly the same.

PackEdge unlike DeskPack has the option to choose for an Accurate and Fast setting. This will change the resolution of the CT used to count the pixels. This explains the difference in result.

  • Fast uses 3 ppmm.
  • Accurate uses 10 ppmm.

Expressed in Pixels per mm.

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